Business Life Insurance

All businesses are essentially a group of people who have harnessed their individual talents, experience and expertise to create unique and exponential value. All businesses depend on key members: the owners and executives, who provide the capital, generate the revenue, manage the daily affairs, plan for the future and create the profits. In the situation of small and medium size enterprises, unplanned events such as the sudden death, illness or disablement of one of the principals can create hardship at a business, as well as a personal level.

Without prudent preparation and action, it can result in a collapse in the value of the business and its ability to survive. For example, if one of the principals dies, will the surviving owners be forced into working with the family of the deceased and do those people have the skills and knowledge required? Will they be contributors or passengers? Will the bank or other lenders or guarantors be satisfied that all is well, or will they call in loans and terminate guarantees at the very time the survivors are least able to cope with the emergency?

Brampton Risk can show your business how to remove these anxieties by having the right business insurance policies in place. We are specialists in this area of insurance and can help your business make well informed decisions. This will ensure that your business principals can confidently survive a crisis, and provide tangible reassurance to shareholders, employees, lenders and creditors that the business is soundly operated, properly managed and trustworthy.

We provide Business Insurance advice on the following:

  • Keyman Insurance
  • Buy-Sell Insurance (or commonly called Partnership Buyout Insurance)
  • Guarantor Protection Insurance
  • Business Expenses Insurance

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